My sessions with Vicky are always well organised, challenging and rewarding. I find the sessions are carefully planned and I always come away with positive results and fantastic attitude thanks to Vicky.

Each week is a different challenge and never repetitive. I find myself realistically improving to reach my desired goals. I have learnt many different and new exercises with Vicky, for example learning how to dead lift properly with the correct technique. I learnt much about myself including how to dig deep and find that extra push needed to get results and succeed.

Sessions are always challenging and I’m never given the easy route, this pushes me and gives me the extra edge I need for my rugby. I always come away with a smile at the end of the session. there is always enjoyment mixed in as well as hard work.

Best part of the sessions are working on my speed and push ups, i find this really help with my explosive power needed for rugby.

Vicky has helped me for 6+ months now and i wouldn’t be where I Am at physically and mentally now without her hard work and dedication. Fantastic PT. I would recommend Vicky to friend who was interested in PT 100%.

Luke Rapson