Personal training

Personal training is a great way to kickstart your fitness journey. I can help you develop a program, bespoke to you, to achieve your desired goals. You’ll learn the correct techniques to get the maximum out of every workout, gain confidence and ensure you don’t pick up any of the injuries that can be the pitfall of many people embarking on their first journey into fitness.

Personal training can also be a great way to boost your training program for a particular challenge or event, whether you’re a seasoned competitor or undertaking your first challenge. Whether it’s a solo endeavour or something a small group of you are undertaking, both my One 2 One sessions and group sessions are a fantastic way to reach your goals.

The packages below give you an idea of what I offer, if you have specific requirements or want to talk more about what we can achieve together, please get in touch, I’m here to help you reach those goals! See my Contact page for more details.

One 2 One and Group Sessions

Bronze PT package: £160pm*
• 4 x Personal Training sessions

Silver PT package: £200 pm*
• 4 x Personal Training sessions
• Personalised gym program

Gold PT package: £250pm*
• 4x Personal Training sessions
• Personalised gym program
• Personalised nutrition plan
• Plus 1 FREE 30 min massage

Group Personal Training: £10 per person
• Min 4 – max 6 people per session

Personalised 4-6 week Gym Program: £50

Personalised nutritional plans: £99

Wedding packages: £350pm

Make sure that you get into that dream dress and feel confident on your big day.

  • x2 one hour sessions per week
  • Personalised gym program
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Measurements and pictures for progress

*Based on a minimum training period of 28 days

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