If you’re still not sure if PT sessions or massage can help you, take a look at how these sessions have helped some of my clients, read their stories in their own words.

I’m always looking forward to each session, to see what Vicky has planned for me! I’ve been hitting mini goals each week & we set big goals which the little goals lead up to.

I’ve learnt different techniques for exercises, like different grips that I find more comfortable than others and I’ve learnt so far that I’m stronger in some areas than I thought. I’m also enjoying calisthenics.

Vicky’s always pushing me to get the best out of me which helps and I’m always looking to smash challenges she sets for me. I enjoy my sessions a lot more than just weights followed by cardio and feel accomplished.

I’m always recommending Vicky to family and friends.

Shane Gardiner

My sessions with Vicky are always well organised, challenging and rewarding. I find the sessions are carefully planned and I always come away with positive results and fantastic attitude thanks to Vicky.

Each week is a different challenge and never repetitive. I find myself realistically improving to reach my desired goals. I have learnt many different and new exercises with Vicky, for example learning how to dead lift properly with the correct technique. I learnt much about myself including how to dig deep and find that extra push needed to get results and succeed.

Sessions are always challenging and I’m never given the easy route, this pushes me and gives me the extra edge I need for my rugby. I always come away with a smile at the end of the session. there is always enjoyment mixed in as well as hard work.

Best part of the sessions are working on my speed and push ups, i find this really help with my explosive power needed for rugby.

Vicky has helped me for 6+ months now and i wouldn’t be where I Am at physically and mentally now without her hard work and dedication. Fantastic PT. I would recommend Vicky to friend who was interested in PT 100%.

Luke Rapson

I got in touch with Vicky after attending one of her Body Conditioning classes. I loved the style energy and the format of the class and wanted to train like that weekly and on a one-to-one basis (tailored to me and my needs). I specifically wanted to build strength and definition and work on that aspect in conjunction with, and to improve, my running and training for various races and half marathons.

The sessions with Vicky are always challenging, Vicky pushes me to my limits – week in week out she challenges me to achieve new PBs. Every session with Vicky is fun, never dull, and always different. Vicky brings her energy to every 6am start – I leave buzzing. Every Single Time.

I would absolutely recommend Vicky, both in terms of her professionalism and her expertise but also because Vicky is everything you want your trainer to be – she’s motivational, challenging, encouraging and she thoroughly knows her stuff!

Ali Amphlett – Manager

I wanted personal training sessions with Vicky after I took part in one of her Body conditioning class at Workout Bristol – it was an amazing class, Vicky was very motivating throughout the class and I really pushed myself to my max whilst having fun.

I then wanted to do more work outs based around strength as I wanted to get more stronger and overall fitter (I am normally a more cardio person and struggle to know what exercise will benefit me and my main hobby running).

Since training with Vicky every week we manage to get a PB, and I’m currently lifting the heaviest I’ve ever been (I’ve been training for 2 years). Vicky has also help overcome my fear of jumping over boxes and now I am able to jump two footed onto the benches.

I have recently ran the Bath Half Marathon and got a PB (9 minutes off my last half marathon) I strongly believe that training with Vicky has helped me get that PB – Vicky organised our sessions around my main hobby which is running; we were doing exercise to build power in my legs (which I have definitely noticed whilst running, my legs don’t get as tired and my sprints are a lot more powerful) and some upper body works to ensure I don’t crouch over whilst running.

Even though our sessions are at 6am on a Tuesday morning, I look forward to them every week and the early starts are so worth it.

After the session I come home feeling so proud of myself for what I have just achieved and overall feel great.

The sessions are great fun whilst challenging (the hour goes way to quick).

The sessions really help you overcome fears and achieve PBs! Brilliants trainer, she will be stuck with me for a very long time.

Leah Devlin – Administer

I came to see Vicky because I had Muscle pain and tightness from previous injuries, Also for myofascial release in my quads and to aid recovery before bodybuilding competitions.

After treatment I had less pain, improved recovery, improved range of moment, better blood flow and great muscle separation in preparation for my show.

I found Vicky very professional and easy to talk to. Made to feel at ease during the treatment session and the treatment is tailored specifically towards your needs and requirements. Explains what she is doing during the treatment and how it can help you so you feel informed about what’s going on as well.

I will be booking regular treatments, I see and feel the differences it has made to my body and training.

Emil (Doctor and Fitness Professional)

I came to see Vicky because i was suffering from quite serious right shoulder pain which was causing sleep and upper body movement problems, lack of mobility in both shoulders and occasional lower back pain. After discussing this with a friend and fellow gym user Vicky was recommended to me.

The results have been amazing, at 45 years of age I am enjoying more mobility than I have in at least 15 years, I sleep better, move better and feel more relaxed. I am now pain free and my training and mobility has been improving with every massage, my lifting technique is now correct which in turn is allowing me to train for longer and with greater confidence.

The best thing about working with Vicky is her obvious depth of knowledge and vast experience as a personal trainer allows her to quickly understand and assess any problems. For me this led to a quick and lasting improvement, after only one massage the difference was obvious and subsequent massages have yielded further improvements.

I would say to anyone thinking about getting a personal trainer that if you are committed and serious about training effectively, safely, setting and achieving goals then a personal trainer is for you. I would genuinely recommend Vicky, as a trainer she is focused, supportive and understanding of her clients abilities and aspirations. As a person Vicky is approachable, friendly and a fun to be around.

Grantley Thorn

“Vicky is so knowledgeable and any question I have about what we are doing, my goals or how I can get there, she can explain the science behind it all. I also need someone to push me with fitness and although this may sound daunting to some, Vicky works with your personal levels, so is not one to overload you but will push you enough to make the difference you need to achieve your goals.”

Heleana B

“I leave every session feeling great. I’ve worked really hard – usually I’ve achieved a new PB in something – and physically and mentally I feel stronger every time. I look forward to each session, even when they’re at 7am on a cold and rainy Saturday because Vicky trains me in a way that is challenging but fun. She’s also really encouraging and attentive which is so important – it doesn’t matter if I’m doing something for the first or fiftieth time, she’ll always make sure my technique is correct and show me how to adapt an exercise if I’ve got a lingering pain or injury.”

Kim Cox