I came to see Vicky because i was suffering from quite serious right shoulder pain which was causing sleep and upper body movement problems, lack of mobility in both shoulders and occasional lower back pain. After discussing this with a friend and fellow gym user Vicky was recommended to me.

The results have been amazing, at 45 years of age I am enjoying more mobility than I have in at least 15 years, I sleep better, move better and feel more relaxed. I am now pain free and my training and mobility has been improving with every massage, my lifting technique is now correct which in turn is allowing me to train for longer and with greater confidence.

The best thing about working with Vicky is her obvious depth of knowledge and vast experience as a personal trainer allows her to quickly understand and assess any problems. For me this led to a quick and lasting improvement, after only one massage the difference was obvious and subsequent massages have yielded further improvements.

I would say to anyone thinking about getting a personal trainer that if you are committed and serious about training effectively, safely, setting and achieving goals then a personal trainer is for you. I would genuinely recommend Vicky, as a trainer she is focused, supportive and understanding of her clients abilities and aspirations. As a person Vicky is approachable, friendly and a fun to be around.

Grantley Thorn